DIY Project: Ikea Rast Makeover Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to turn the cheapest Ikea drawers from drab to fab

A while back we bought the cheapest, plainest chest of drawers in the world to hide away in our wardrobe for a little extra storage. Then before we moved into our new place I had an idea to make these into cute and equally practical bed side tables, so the project began!

It's actually super simple and in just a few steps the cheapest piece of furniture I own actually has become one of my favourites, just take a look at the before and after pictures...

What you'll need...

Gold Shell Drawer Pulls, pack of 20 - £12.99 on eBay
2 x Ikea Rast chest of drawers - £20 each
 Dulux Satinwood paint in Night Jewels 2 ~ £10 

The steps couldn't be easier...

1. Paint! 
I only had to do one coat on the untreated pine & the finish looked perfect instantly.

2. Measure out the handles. 
So this was the most difficult part, making sure each handle on each drawer is perfectly aligned with the next. I ended up using a piece of A4 lined up to the corner and marking the holes, definitely not the most technical way, but i'm happy with the outcome even if it's not 100% perfect

3. Screw!
 Little gold screws were provided with the handles so just screw these into the marked holes  (don't worry about the original holes the handles cover them perfectly!)

& That's it!

I'm so happy with how they turned out, the only disappointment was that they didn't end up fitting in my bedroom (literally millimetres too big) But I really love that I get to stare at it every day in my lounge!And as for those extra handles, I managed to incorporate them into the room elsewhere, on, you guessed it, another ikea chest of drawers (but a really tiny one) 

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