Travel Guide: How to see Ko Phi-Phi in just four hours

How to spend four incredible hours on a day trip from Phuket to Phi-Phi

Our spontaneus decision to make the trip to Koh Phi-Phi happens the evening before, after a couple of beers and a game of Backpacker. We book the earliest ferry journey out from Phuket and the latest possible return trip, giving us 4 hours to explore.
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Waking at sunrise on the 15th March, we take a Tuk Tuk into Phuket town and hit the open seas, seated at the bow of the ship!

Maya Bay 

Our ferry trip makes a slight unexpected detour giving us a spectacular glimpse into the legendary Maya Bay AKA "The Beach". After a few gasps in awe, we then continue to our destination, Tonsai Peir - Ko Phi-Phi Don.

Ko Phi-Phi

We arrive, greeted by a fluorescent paradise. Greens are luminous & crystal turquoise waters so bright they're almost blinding. Welcome to Ko Phi-Phi. There's no time to waste - we've only four hours 'til we have to leave the island.

Phi-Phi Don Village

We knew exactly where we wanted to go, next stop Phi-Phi viewpoint. But we didn't plan for Phi-Phi Don Village, as soon as you step foot inside you're instantly lost. It's a maze of wooden shacks selling everything you'd never need.

Phi-Phi Viewpoint

Eventually, after probably walking in circles a couple of times we reach the steps and we're ready to climb. Having reached the 7th level at Erawan Falls the week before this is pretty much a breeze in comparison. The view is totally worth the trek, if only we could stay for sunset!

Loh Lana Bay

With our last remaining hour drawing in, we spent our final minutes on the island, where else, but on the beach. It wasn't quite Maya Bay but it didn't matter, the 360 views were awesome and after a non-stop adventure we just sat and took them in. 

And that was it. 4 hours. Short, sweet, and definitely not long enough for such an incredible island...see you again soon Ko Phi-Phi!

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