City Guide: 36 hours in Bangkok

From deep fried insects to cocktail bars in the sky, Bangkok introduces us to Thailand in Part I of our Thai adventure

We embarked on our two part, 15 hour journey from London. Our layover was in Beijing for around an hour, giving us time time for a airport quick green tea and then onwards to our destination, Bangkok.

As soon as our plane touched down, the race began. There are two airports in Bangkok, my Brother, flying in from Australia, was due to land at practically the same time on the other side of the city. Our destination, The Eastin Grand Sawthorn hotel. 

With no time to spare we jumped in a cab and began our journey and our first taste of Thai city life. There roads were full of tuk tuks, trucks and trailers full of locals. As we reached the metropolis of neon lit buildings the roads became manic, we tracked our proximity to the hotel on our phones knowing it was going to be tight. Eventually, we pulled into the grand entrance and spotted my Brother and his Girlfriend standing casually at check in. We’d lost, but only by a couple of minutes. Time to catch up at the lobby bar with ice cold glasses of Chang beers all round.

The Eastin Grand Sawthorn Hotel

The hotel was just what you needed after an almost 20 hour journey, luxury, comfort and of course an infinity pool overlooking the city.  And With jet lag not even close to catching up with us yet we rushed up to the top floor and soaked up the city lights in the infinity pool and kept the beers coming. Having enjoyed the pool a little too much it was time for dinner which ended up being pizza by the poolside.

Sky Bar

With our plans for a grand tour of the city at night becoming less likely, we decided we had to get out if even just to one bar. From the outside of the hotel we hailed two tuk tuks and convinced them to race us to the Sky bar (a rooftop bar that was featured in the film Hangover II) My first experience of a Tuk Tuk was everything I imagined, exhilirating, terrifying and hilarious. The perfect way of getting around the city. 

Once you reach the sky bar you’re greeted by an underwhelming lobby a bit like an abandoned shopping center, but don't let this put you off. Follow the signs and catch the lift to the top floor. There are several vantage points around this bar, so be sure to look around to find the best one for you. I cant comment on the drinks or the prices, since we’d already had so many beers at our hotel we didn't need an overpriced drinks, so just used the bar to take in the spectacular views.

The next morning we just couldn't leave without jumping in the pool one last time. So after a morning dip we ventured down for the most international breakfast I have ever seen, noodles, fish, sushi, bacon, a pancake machine, mini marshmallows, I could go on but it's making me too hungry. So after filling up a little too much it was time to actually do a little sight seeing in the one full day we actually had in Bangkok. This also involved moving hotels because we had decided that staying in one hotel for more than one night at a time wasn't exciting enough.

Inn a day

The next Hotel was Inn a Day, a little boutique hotel in an old sugar factory with rooms set out according to what time the views look their best (although I think they all looked most spectacular at sunset). We stayed in 3pm, and like all of them it had a breathtaking view across the river of Wat Arun, the temple of dawn. Having previously arrived in Bangkok the night before this was our first experience of daylight in the city. From the city metropolis to the Temples and riverside backstreets of Bangkok the contrast of the two locations were night and day, much like how we experienced them. 

Wat Pho

With the heat so oppressive our plans to see the whole city completely withered away. It wasn’t hard however to see the sights, with the Wat Pho temple literally seconds from our doorstep. The spectacular architecture of one of the oldest temples in Bangkok doesn't disappoint, it makes you feel like royalty as you wander the 80,000 square meters set behind the tall white walls of the temple. 

It was about time for our first experience of Thai food in Thailand, and where else to have your first Pad thai than on a busy tuk tuk lined street in quirky cafe in the centre of Bangkok?

Wat Arun Sunset

After a few hours of wandering the fascinating sugar factory backstreets, markets and spectacular temple buildings we took to the rooftop of our hotel. It felt like Bangkok's best kept secret, our very own private view of the sunset over Wat Arun.

Khaosan Road

As the sun set we were ready for an entirely different adventure all together, no trip to Bangkok is complete without a visit to the notorious Khaosan road the home of deep fried insects, fake Ids, counterfeit products and ‘ping pong’ shows. It was an experience like no other and I can’t quite work out if I’d return or not.

It was truly one of the most fascinatingly diverse cities I’ve ever visited. From sky high cocktail bars and infinity pools to the smallest, tattiest alleyways with locals gutting fish or delivering newspapers.

Bangkok is the gateway to the rest of Thailand and up next sees us heading up to the bridge on the river Qwai, riding the death Railway, climbing the Erawan falls and temple hopping in Ayutthaya.

Thai Adventure Part I  - 36 hours in Bangkok |

If you can’t wait for the next instalment of our Thai adventure be sure to check out my post on our Four hours Koh Phi Phi.

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